Long-term healthy eating plan

I’m back with more banter,


Raise your hand if you’re a serial yo-yo dieter, a fan of fad diets, a spoof for those silly celebrity endorsed diets, the low-carb to no carb queen, along with all the other nonsense sh*t we allow ourselves to be sucked into. 


Because I’m guilty on all counts, bar the stupid celebrities- screw tv and screw the media selling us someone else’s lifestyle, I’m happy with mine thank you. 


I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say when it comes to diet I’ve experimented with everything, some I’ve gotten results from and some that have hindered my progress. But absolutely nothing has ever been manageable for prolonged periods of time. This is why you must learn your own body and become more in touch with how it reacts to various foods. 


This is what works for me and maybe not for you.


So here goes nothing.


Age: 23

Height: 5 foot 3 inches and ¾ (very important 3/4s) 

Weight: 60-66kg (because the weighing scales is irrelevant)

Activity Level: 4-6 days exercise a week 

Aim: Maintenance 

Calories: 1600-4000 (what!!! I like my pasta and jellies are life)

Macros: Protein 30% Carbs 35% Fats 35%



1-2 litres of water

Large Coffee

2 eggs, 3 rashers (every day for the rest of my life happily)

Spinach, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes


  • All cooked however you please. Nevertheless, if you following me on snapchat- sjkiely, you will see that I’m a huge lover of poached eggs and grilled rashers. 


Snack- Small Lunch:

0.5 litre of water

Greek Yoghurt, Blueberries, Handful of nuts or berries


  • Once again let’s not get hung up on the minors here of brands and what nots, just pick good quality, taking note of sugar content. Also as you can see I’m a big water fan.



0.5 litres of water

Wholemeal wrap, spinach or lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, chicken breast

  • Don’t be afraid to substitute vegetables, these are just my veggies of choice. Add your mayo or whatever, life is too short to be a boring oul biatch.


Rice Cakes or Crackerbreads topped with tuna or turkey breast, adding some feta/coleslaw/cheddar


  • This meal is varied every single day I must admit, it’s very rarely the same because I’m a food monster ha-ha. But for the sake of it I think I may have picked my most nutritious version.



0.5 litres of water

Pasta/ basmati rice/ sweet potatoes/ white potatoes, with curry sauce/pesto/feta and a complete mixture of vegetables of your choice. 

Add your meat or fish of choice- turkey/chicken/salmon/tuna/whatever


  • So here we go again. As you can see this isn’t very definite because I like flexibility, rigidity just does not work for me, I’m not that boring. BUT!! Pass the pasta layered in feta and pesto, accompanied by tuna, leaves and loads of peppers and I’ll sit happily in the corner eating.


Post Training Meal: (optional)

Protein shake and banana 


  • I say optional because I don’t believe in the need for any supplements, our body gets enough processed crap put into it with or without us known on a regularly bases, so if it’s not absolutely necessary I’ll keep it clean as possible. I for one know I can train 6 days a week at high intensity with zero need for supplements.


Plain and simple, no complications. Let me know if this has helped and if sample training programs would be of interest. 

Any further questions drop me a snapchat, private message or comment below.

Also I recommend investing in a skinfold caliper and dumping the weighing scales immediately.

Snapchat- sjkiely

Instagram- sarah_fatass_kiely

Promo Code- ‘SARAH10’ 


Sarah K x

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