You're nothing like me

Who am I? Who are you? Who are we? Why are we all so different? What makes you succeed while others fail? What makes one achieve goals while the other makes excuses?

Question after question, night after night. What, why, how, when. We have all been there, you know the sleepless rainy Tuesday night when you lie awake wondering what makes you 'You'. What boxes do you thick and why don't you fit into others. Why am I so different?

Let's be honest nobody really knows the answers, we're all just paddling along striving for something we think we want, some vision of ourselves in the back on our mind we're chasing, or maybe just to prove a point. "That little miss madam in her gym leggings said I can't so you can be sure I will"- you know the watch me mentality. See what I want and what you want are very different. What makes me Sarah Kiely is very different from what makes you who you are. Nobodies goals are the same! But the determined, the motivated and the successful do share a number of things in common.

Firstly, what makes me Sarah? Am I the achievements I've made? How about the failures I have experienced? The love I desire or the love I have to give? Am I the friends I chill with? The people I admire? Or the goals I have? The truth is so many things make the person we are. I am all my accomplishments small and mighty, I am the hurdles I've overcome, I am the places I have out grown, the people I have loved, the roads I have travelled, the fitness life I choose and the gym clothing I love. I don't fit into boxes. I am more than your labels as so too are you. And I will refuse to be defined.

I hear you say, ‘That's Sarah the... boxer, kickboxer, gym junkie, sportswear collectamaniac, big red apparel ambassador, sister, friend and the list goes on. But realise I don't fit into any box neatly and neither do I intend to. Don't ever let anyone define you because you are more than just a tag.

To what do we owe our successes? My answer is everything. You know that little girl or boy you once were who dreamed a dream and dared to believe, well that my friend is who you have to thank. You gave yourself the courage to trust and chase. Then again it wasn't just you, was it? Many of us have been graced with supportive, encouraging and motivating parents, whom pushed us and prompted us. Friends who celebrated our triumphs, although very few understood our journey. We had the coaches who sculpted us hour after hour. Lets not forget the strangers who sat in the crowd and watched your victories, who passed kind and supportive words, they also gave you the reassurance to continue. Success is not one dimensional and with it comes fears.

With fear you make a bed. You get comfortable with it, it becomes your bestfriend and worst enemy, it accompanies you whether you like it or not. But remember how you use it is what makes or breaks you. For me fear became my stimulus, my motivation. I couldn’t stop, I wanted more, more, more. When I kickboxed or boxed I feared failure, so I trained harder, I made the likelihood of failure smaller and smaller. In life I fear stagnation, lack of progress, forcing me to constantly challenge and evolve. When I outgrow familiar places I seek better. Do you know what it’s like to fear never reaching your full potential? If you don’t let me tell you this! You my friend are living your life all wrong. Go out and find something to live for! Control your fears before they control you, its all in the mind.

You see successful people share some things in common; they are more than their choosen disciplines, the sponsored stringer vest they showcase or the muscular physique they parade. Mind-set being the most dominant aspect making someone's success. The reality you observe is always the end product of your mind-set- if you can dream it? Your mind-set is but a true reflection of who you are as a person. What you believe you are capable of, what you visualise and what you strive for is easily obtainable if accompanied by hard work and consistency.

Accomplished people didn’t gain their success overnight nevertheless they persisted, they endured until the end. Hurdles will come and life will knock you down but it’s only a matter of how much you want it. Successful people dug their heels when the going got tuff, chomped down on their gum shields and asked for more. That what separates winner and losers.

Like I said, hurdles come and go, some of us fail to see that while we are hung up in the moment. Those winners have an ability to turn negative thoughts into positives. Nobody is optimistic and uplifted a hundred percent of the time, however some of us channel our negative thoughts in more productive ways. Some pull the blankets over their heads and hide from the world while other pounds the roads dressed in their workout gear, armoured in anger and frustration of falling short; they work harder towards their goals as a result of the rebuffs.

Lastly, you may not have thought this but behind the iron exterior, the machine like qualities, the bulletproof persona; there is an extreme vulnerability that all those successful individuals share. They know while they possess strengths, they also hold weaknesses. Though the acknowledgement of these vulnerabilities is another building block in the road to greatness.  An athlete will work on flaws until they become assets. 

So you see, we are not the labels others throw around, nor are we easily defined, we do not belong in boxes. We are on the other hand products of our experiences, failures and triumphs, relationships and emotions. Unique is what separates the champions and the failures. Mindset is what makes us, accompanied by persistence and self-belief.  So understand you are not me and I am not you, we are very different. My goals are not yours. We may boost the same wardrobe of gym leggings and fitness attire but we are not the same. 

Sarah Kiely.

Sarah Kiely Posted by Sarah Kiely

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