Classic Style Gym/Bodybuilding Rag Top (RED)

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-Muscle fit/rag top style t-shirt
-Hard wearing and long lasting
-Logo printed on front and back
- Made from 100% cotton
-Short body length

Show off your muscles with a classic rag top that’s designed for your body. In the gym, the cotton tee is breathable with a loose fit that you can move in. Tight work out gear can feel restrictive and confining but this rag top is built for your muscles and won’t get in your way.

    The wide sleeve holes have room for even the bulkiest biceps and your shoulders are accentuated with a unique seaming pattern that rounds up to the neck instead of cutting off at the shoulder. The balanced short torso length is yet another element that proves that this cotton rag top is built for body builders.

    On the front and back, you’ll find the iconic Big Red Apparel logo, which stands out in crisp white printing on the bold cherry red tee. Best of all, this tee is built to last through all of the reps and the courageous colour hides sweat stains so that you can work hard and look great.


What size rag top should I buy?

These Rag tops can be worn in a variety of styles, some people prefer to wear them loose baggy in which case we recommend ordering a vest one size bigger than your normal clothing size, however some people like them to fit similar to a regular t-shirt in which case we recommend you order your regular size, please see the chart below for full infromation on the chest measurements

Small - 34''-36''
Medium- 38''-40''
Large - 42''-44''
X-Large - 46''-48''
XX-Large - 50''-52''

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