Bodybuilding Mesh Training Gym Shorts (BLACK)

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Introducing Big Red Apparel Signature Series Bodybuilding Gasp Mesh Style Gym Shorts! Here at Big Red Apparel we understand the importance of staying cool during the summer months however with the unpredictable weather we have it is hard to dress in something that will be suitable for the entire day which makes these Mesh shorts ideal! These gym shorts have air holes throughout which help air transfer/flow in order to keep you well ventilated during warm times however the heavy/durable material also ensures that you will stay warm when the weather isn't too good, these are made from the same heavy mesh that the fantastic Logo Pants and Hardcore Fitness Pants are made from. The material doesn't hold sweat like other fabrics do so any perspiration dries off really quickly due to the clever "pores" in the material.
Size Guide -  please note this is approximate. 
Small - up to 30 ins.
Medium - up to 34 ins.
 Large - up to 37 ins. 
X-Large up to 40 ins.
XX-Large - 43 ins.

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