White Label Series - micro stretch gym shorts (BLACK)

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  • Short enough to show off hard earned muscle size and tone
  • Breathable material ideal for the warm summer months
  • Cool and lightweight making it comfortable and ideal for training
  • Multipurpose wear (can be worn at the gym, to go swimming or just out-and-about)

So why buy Gym/Fitness Micro Stretch Shorts from Big Red Apparel?

Our Original Micro stretch shorts combine the qualities of looking great on your body, whilst giving you the lasting comfort and support your training demands. Our shorts have been designed by people who train, for people who train! Our Micro Stretch shorts are designed to keep you cool, using material that is lightweight, breathable and durable. Fitted with a hidden mesh netting, they work amazingly at keeping you comfortable throughout your workouts. We understand how important it is to have a pair of shorts that not only looks and feels great, but will also last the test of time. That's why have taken the time to ensure that not only do our shorts fit comfortably against your skin, but will last and last against the wear and tear of daily dedication. Available in 5 original colours, it is the perfect collection for showing off your hard earned muscle inside and outside of the gym.

We've made our shorts stylish, affordable, colourful and practicle to ensure you attract the right attention. Wether your in or out of the gym - these are the shorts for you!


Made from;

100% Polyester lining; Polyester/Elastane

Instructions for Washing

Whenever you purchase a new item of clothing, especially printed ones it is important to take specia l care of them to ensure a long life;

  • Wash on a 30 degree wash
  • Wash with similar colour garments
  • Do not use bleech when you wash the garment(s)
  • Iron inside out on a low setting
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Always wash inside out to prevent other garments from rubbing on the print
  • Try to wash similar strength garments with each other e.g. Do not wash towels with t-shirts.

What size Shorts should I buy?

Micro Stretch Shorts are generally worn quite tight theirfore it is important to get an accourate measurement before purchasing this item of clothing to ensure you order a size which fits best for you. In order to get an accourate size for these shorts, simply measure around your hips as this is where the shorts traditionally sit.

Small - 30''-31''
Medium- 32''-33''
Large - 34''-35''
X-Large - 36''-37''
XX-Large - 38'-39''

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