Slim Guide Skinfold Body Fat Caliper

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  • Professional precision
  • The most-used skinfold caliper in the world
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Measures in millimeters
  • Includes 22-page booklet "How to Measure Percentage Body Fat," which: Provides information on determining muscle loss or gain, determining body size, and finding the desired body fat level according to weight Utilizes one, two, or four skinfold locations to measure body fat and calculate body fat levels.

So why buy a Slim Guide Body Fat Caliper from Big Red Apparel?

People like to measure body fat percentages for a variety of reasons, it can be for general health purposes, when dieting or as directed by a doctor just to name a few reasons. Previously people would have to go to a gym and pay each time they wanted to measure their body fat levels however thanks to our accurate skinfold caliper you can now measure your body fat as many times and as often as you would like from the comfort of your own home.

Sometimes it can be difficult whilst you are dieting to know weather you are loosing body fat or hard earned muscle. Take the guess work out of monitoring your results with our high quality, highly durable bodyfat caliper. 

Their are many differant methods to measure body fat levels as you may of read online, all differing in terms of cost, complexity and quality however skinfold calipers are known to be  the most affordable and accurate way to measure your body fat levels. This method is not just used in peoples homes but is also used in doctors offices and health clubs around the world. 

Using our Skinfold caliper you can accurately measure your body fat and determine wheater the weight loss in the mirror and on the scale is the result of fat loss, muscle loss or a reduction of that hard earned muscle. You can evaluate exactly how much body fat you have and where abouts on your body it is been stored by measuring the thickness of folds of skin with it's underlying layer of body fat at several points on your body and thanks to our simple and easy to use chart analysis included in the instruction booklet, you can determine, accuratley your body fat percentage.


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