Iphone 5/5s Rechargeable Phone Case 2500mah

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 -2 piece body for easy removal

-Protects front and back of phone (no screen cover included)

-Lightweight and convenient; no need to carry around a charger

-4 LED indicators which shows how much charge the phone case has

-One touch ON/OFF function (hold for 3 seconds)

-Li-Polymer battery fully charges in just 2 hours (comes with charging cable)


So why buy an iPhone 5/5s rechargeable phone case from Big Red Apparel?

A mobile phone is an essential part to everyones everyday life, we use them for making calls, sending texts, sending e-mails, bidding on on items and much much more, but with great demand comes great responsibility and sometimes our phones have trouble powering our every need and need some support to see them through the day. But thanks to Big Red apparel’s range of ‘eat clean train dirty’ merchandise has now branched out to include rechargeable phone cases! These high quality 2500mah rechargeable external battery phone cases fit on to your phone and protect them like a normal case with the added ability to recharge your phone 1.5times at the touch of a button!



Made from;


Before you buy;

We do not recommend that you use this item to charge your phone until your battery is critical, charging/overcharging your phone when not needed can damage your battery significantly.

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